Father’s Day

I make sure my family is fed every day of the year. But, on Father’s Day, I do try to make something extra special for my husband, the daddy of my beautiful 16 month old son, Daniel. For, without his hard work day in and day out, I wouldn’t be able to stay at home and love on Daniel all the time. I am beyone grateful for his dedication to our family.

So…I have been parusing different blogs, and found a few on The Poineer Woman that I had been wanting to try.  Today gave me the perfect oppertunity.

Dinner consisted of grilled filet mignon, crash hot potatoes, coleslaw, spicy shrimp, and bread.

The potatoes were a huge hit. Crispy and perfect. And so easy!


The only difference I made to the recipe was instead of rosemary, I used a combination of parsley, dill and chives, all fresh from my herb garden. I will definately be making these again, sooner than later.

The shrimp were a snap as well. Although my version of generously and the pioneer woman’s is apparently different. I am from the school of less is more, so we had not-so-spicy shirmp. Still great flavor and another repeater!

For dessert, per Daddy’s request, we had Banana Pudding.

I am thrilled, because I finally have a recipe! I have been experienmenting all of my married life, trying to find a recipe that was me – not too rich, yet not so ordinary. I wanted to strike a balance between my Mom’s traditional banana pudding and Paula Deen’s coronary special nana puddin. (I am NOT a Paula hater! In fact, she was one of the reasons I wanted to take our honeymoon in Savannah! – she’s the greatest! Her pudding recipe is just a little too rich for me).

Hubby took one bite of my new creation and told me – its a keeper!

Banana Pudding

 2 boxes vanilla instrant pudding

4 c. lowfat milk

1/4 c powdered milk mix, banana flavored

1 tub (8 oz) cool whip

1 (8 oz) brick cream cheese

2-3 large bananas, sliced

1/2 box vanilla waffers

– blend pudding and milk with mixer until it begins to thicken

– add banana milk mix and cream cheese and continue to beat until smooth

– fold in container of cool whip until completely incorporated

– layer vanilla waffers in the bottom of your casserole dish

– add a layer of bananas

– add about 1/2 pudding to cover waffers and bananas

– repeat layering

– garnish with additional waffers

– chill 1 or more hours before serving

– serve with addional whipped topping if so desired

Hope everyone else had a Happy and decicious Father’s Day!


3 responses to “Father’s Day

  1. Ooh! I’ve been wanting to try those potatoes since PW posted about them. Now I really can’t wait to make them!

  2. what a great menu! i love PW and have been wanting to try the shrimp recipe myself. that banana pudding sounds good.

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