Tuesdays With Dorie: Peppermint Cream Puff Ring

Well, my post is minus pictures…for now. My toddler absconded with my good camera, and I took some pics with my other one, but now I can’t find the USB cable that fits it. Sigh. They will be forthcoming, I promise! – PICTURES HAVE NOW BEEN ADDED! BAD MOMMY BLAMED THE MISSING CAMERA ON MY SON, AND IT WAS ME ALL ALONG! HOPE YOU LIKE THEM!

Caroline from A Consuming Passion chose Dorie’s Peppermint Cream Puff Ring as this weeks recipe. I apprently am not the only one who decided against the ring and did individual puffs. I have no pastry bag and needed to spoon the dough, so it was my only choice.

I also did not use peppermint. Not because I didn’t have it – I have a HUGE mint plant right outside the door, actually. Because I have had this bottle of hazelnut extract sitting in my cupboard, begging to be used.

The puffs were a breeze to make, much to my delight. They look so complicated to look at one. I know this will be something I will be adding to my Christmas baking in mini form, and what a perfect time to have something mint!

Thanks Caroline – I probably wouldn’t have ever had the nerve to try these otherwise! I just hope there will be some left for hubby to try when he gets home from work tonight!


15 responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie: Peppermint Cream Puff Ring

  1. These were quite good!

    I love the name of your blog by the way! 🙂

  2. I agree about this being a great Christmas time treat! Also, it is nice to have others to cook with as I would not try most of these things on my own…that’s why I joined the group!

  3. No pictures?! Oh Pam, you’re such a tease. 😉

    You should definitely save DH one (only one though). Maybe it will put him in a better mood.

  4. Hazelnut cream sounds ridiculously good! I’ll be back later to see some pics!

  5. Your puffs look yummy! And don’t feel bad–I know I’ve unjustly accused both of my daughters (20 months and 5 years) for things they didn’t do. =)

  6. Don’t you love how TWd forces you into something you’d never try? Good luck finding your camera. i hope toddler didn’t bury it.

  7. Hazelnut, you say? I’ll be standing by the mailbox.

  8. A perfect looking lobster and fishstick free puff ring. Good luck with your camera. The hazelnut filling sounds interesting

    Ulrike from Küchenlatein

  9. I bet the hazelnut was delicious!
    Shari@Whisk: a food blog

  10. So glad you found your camera. Those cream puffs look delicious!

  11. Oh hazelnut cream sounds delicious!

  12. The cream puffs look fabulous!

  13. yum, those puffs are busting at the seams!

  14. It seems like a lot of folks discovered cream puffs for the first time with this one. Glad you enjoyed them!

  15. Hazelnut sounds awesome. haha, glad you found your camera. 🙂